The New UTR-P rating system will offer a Free Version and a Paid Version called Power.

First let's dive right into the Free UTR-P.  Let's break it down together.

With UTR-P's free account, users gain access to a range of features tailored to enhance their pickleball experience:

  1. Basic Profile Creation: Users can create a basic profile to establish their presence within the UTR-P community.

  2. Player Search: Access to the player search feature allows users to find and connect with other players based on various criteria such as location, skill level, and availability.

  3. Event Discovery: Discover upcoming pickleball events, including tournaments, clinics, and social gatherings, to stay engaged and active in the pickleball community.

  4. Community Engagement: Participate in discussions, share insights, and connect with other pickleball enthusiasts through UTR-P's community forums and social media channels.

  5. Basic Ratings: Access basic player ratings to gauge skill levels and find suitable opponents for friendly matches and competitive play.

  6. Limited Content: Enjoy access to a selection of articles, tips, and resources to enhance pickleball skills and knowledge.

While the free account offers valuable features, users may consider upgrading to a premium account for access to advanced features and additional benefits.

Next, Let's Discover the power of being a Power Player with UTR Sports! Unlock a range of premium features designed to enhance your experience:

  1. College Research Tool: Seamlessly explore colleges, their teams, players, and events—all from a single page. Dive deep into the world of college pickleball with ease.

  2. Advanced Rating Tool: Gain access to our Advanced Rating Tool and explore your rating history in detail. Track your progress and gain valuable insights into your performance over time.

  3. Two-Decimal Ratings: Get a better sense of a player's skill level with two-decimal ratings for all players. This enhanced rating system provides a more precise understanding of player abilities.

  4. Unlimited Verified Events: Register for unlimited Verified UTR Sports Events at a discounted rate. With an active Power Player Subscription, enjoy waived fees for all Verified Event registrations while your subscription is active.

  5. Exclusive Partner Benefits: Access exclusive discounts from top-notch companies like Tennis Channel Plus, Tennis Warehouse, Diadem, Fabletics, and more. Enjoy savings on your favorite brands and elevate your pickleball experience.

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Updated 5/3/24

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