MLP Player Safety Update: Paddle Colors

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"Players have indicated that certain paddle cosmetic designs impair their ability to visually pick up and track hit balls. The paddle faces of primary concern have cosmetic designs in which a large percentage of the face is covered with one or more colors that have insufficient contrast to the color of the ball. Paddle colors with insufficient contrast include various shades of yellow, green, gold and white. There is growing concern that the reduced ability to visually pick up and track hit balls increases the likelihood of injury and will result in unfair competition. It is in the best interest of player safety and fair competition that the following rules are established and made effective beginning Aug 1, 2023."

Will all Pickleball Associations adopt this new safety policy? Which Paddles will be affected?  I guess we will have to wait and see.  Until then continue playing with your current paddle and happy pickling.

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Updated 8/3/23

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