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Carlos Zambrano

Hello, I'm Carlos Zambrano, Head Pickleball Pro at The Racquet Club of Saint Petersburg.

My passion for racquet sports began with junior tennis in Venezuela. Interestingly, my first job was coaching tennis at a local summer camp.

After three rewarding years in the tech startup world, I decided to pursue my true love: coaching pickleball. Today, I'm a full-time pickleball coach, dedicated to helping players of all levels thrive on the court.

Pickleball isn't just a game; it's a way to connect, compete, and share my lifelong passion. Let's work together to elevate your pickleball skills!

Contact me to book a coaching session and begin your pickleball journey.

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Racquet Club of St. Petersburg
170 47th Ave NE
St. Petersburg, Florida 33703
United States

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