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Frank Ellis

I provide private pickleball lessons throughout all of SW Florida, as well as outside of the local area, including out-of-state pickleball camps and clinics. All ages and skill levels welcome from beginner through expert levels. If you’re a beginner or have never played pickleball I would be more than happy to work with you​. Many of my students have gone from 3.0 beginner level players to the 4.0 expert level in under a year. I have clients in all age ranges from 7 years old to 92 years old. I’m going to teach you the right way to play with specific close attention to your technique and continuous development of your game understanding.  I’ve traveled all over the country and trained with some of the top Pro PPA players in the world. I’ve trained with world class pickleball players, such as Riley Newman who is in the top 3 in the world and other well-known top touring pro players on the PPA and MLP Pro Tour.  I’ve played tournaments and won medals but now spend my time training clients to reach their personal pickleball goals. I’m truly passionate about helping players improve, learn the game and reach their potential!  I’m fully invested as your Coach/Trainer. My background includes highly competitive athletics. My 13 year old son is a highly competitive athlete as well on the national stage. As a retired Federal Agent, much of my training and duties then required the mental strength and patience to successfully handle high stress situations. Pickleball is a game of chess at times and you have to be-able to adapt and make smart decisions.



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