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Teresa Tarn


I am a former D1 College softball player that has become addicted to the fastest growing sport across the country. No you do not need a racket sport background to excel!! PICKLEBALL has become my “drug” of choice. Yes, I am hooked! I travel the country competing as a senior pro. I have won many medals in senior pro as well as at the US Open in Naples. Competition and teaching is part of my DNA and now I am also enjoying teaching lessons, camps and clinics.


Coaching and teaching has been a part of my bloodline. I graduated Michigan State with a Bachelor of Science teaching degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in sports psychology and kinesiology. Since then I have coached basketball, volleyball, softball, and baseball. However, these days my sole athletic focus is on pickleball.


Personally, I believe it is difficult to coach aspects of a given game if you yourself have not experienced them. When it comes to pickleball, I’ve gone through the stages of beginner, intermediate, to senior pro. Therefore, regardless of the stage you are in, I will be able to relate. Also, in a short three and a half years since picking up a paddle I have risen from a novice to competing at senior pro. I know the tricks, tips, and strategies to rapidly improve your game and I hope you work with me on your own game!

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26300 Airport Rd
Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
United States

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